SafaBastSaz Company

About Us

The founders of the company with an iron will to play a dynamic role on the path to self-sufficiency and create jobs with good work Mubarak began in 1376.

Customer confidence and satisfaction of consumers of other elements support the survival and the success it was.

As SafaBast construction and production rates from existing production lines was able to supply the ever increasing demand of customers.

So managers active in the early years of a business, product lines further added to the collection, but since the motto of the founders of the company product quality in the first row and the priority was not only to produce more, higher-quality product is also supplied

The company now has the authority of production and supply on the market is capable of needle-punched.

Now flourishing in the direction parallel to increase production, plating lines and lines stretching system is also added to his collection.

Progress on the path of progress and provide more quality products, efficient management goals and dreams, young and committed company.

The company now has the authority to produce and supply all kinds of needle-punched and nails needed in the market is capable shoulders.