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    SafaBastSaz Industrial Group

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    Manufacturer of needle punch, punch presses nails a shoulder and a variety of devices

Benefits Of SafaBastSaz Product

Familiarize yourself with some of the benefits Maker products SafaBast

Stapler Needle

Staple a piece of metal that is bent 90 degrees and the Summit is punched in. There are different types of needle punched materials and dimensions that fit together the pieces that are used teach

Nails Shoulder

Nails shoulder sharpened set of metal wires that are connected by adhesive and as tightly between two objects Used. Nails according to their use can be made of different sizes. The major difference between a shoulder nails and nailed ordinary quickly use them.


To put the nails in the wood pile is a device that is used or a variety of different materials. Today, because of the speed and ease with this tool in the industry has been replaced by a hammer. With this powerful tool, users can In a very short time, higher work to do, because most of them along with powerful connectivity consecutive magazines have


Sample Maker products SafaBastSaz

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